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Back to School - Technology and Apps Access

Back to School - Technology and Apps Access

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year at Independent School District 728 (ISD 728).

This web page is for all parents/guardians with children in Early Childhood through 12th grade, providing essential information to gain access to key technology resources listed below.

  • Parent Portal 
  • Household Contacts Review
  • Transportation  Review
  • Absence Reporting
  • Online Payments
  • Schoology Parent Access
  • Seesaw Family App Access
  • GoGuardian Parent App Access
  • ParentLink Notification System
  • Student Device Plan & Use Agreement
  • Student Usernames/Passwords (please share new password with your students!)
  • Student RapidIdentity Access

Parent Portal Login Information

ISD 728 provides Campus Parent Portal to monitor and participate in the educational process with real-time access to household information, announcements, assignments, attendance, grades, schedules, meal accounts, report cards, fees, payments and more.  Parent Portal also allows you to select options for receiving communications from your schools and connects with other systems like Seesaw and Schoology online student learning. Please note that some information will not be available until the school year begins (i.e. student schedules and access to Schoology courses typically available following school open house). 

Please take a moment to login and review your household’s information at for bussing, family and emergency contact information.  Step-by-step instructions are available at To learn more about using Parent Portal, please visit the guide available here.

Your Username is the email address you receive school communications at or registered your student(s) with.

Usernames are based on your primary email address on file for Campus Parent Portal, Schoology, and most systems. If your regular password is not working, or you have not yet accessed your account, click on the Forgot Password option on the login screen to set your password via your email (employees check their email).  

Transportation Details in Parent Portal

Bus routes, bus stop locations, and pick-up and drop-off addresses are available in Campus Parent Portal starting today, August 21, 2023.  Once signed in, look under “More” and then “Transportation” for details. Please ensure that the information for your pick-up and drop-off location address is correct. Split households, Northwest Suburban riders, or those with pre-arranged transportation circumstances may not be shown in Campus Parent Portal.

Parents/Guardians are highly encouraged to check Campus Parent Portal after August 29, 2023 to see if any late route, time or stop changes have been made for the first day of school. 

Absence Requests in Parent Portal

As an alternate option to calling the District Absence Reporting Line (763) 241-3555, parents and guardians can use the Portal’s Absence Request tool to inform school offices when their student is not going to be in school. The school office will review and process these into attendance events for the student similar to the called in requests.  Instructions are available at

Online Payments in Parent Portal

Parent Portal allows you to view your student's assigned school fees and school meal account balances and cafeteria purchases. To pay assigned fees or add meal account funds with a credit or debit card, the District accepts online payments directly through Infinite Campus Parent Portal. On your first visit, you may need to re-add your payment method for the new school year. Visit for more information.

Additional Apps for Parents:

Schoology Parent Access (Grade 3-12 & Online728)

Online classroom access will be available after your student’s open house date. Grade 3-12 student’s digital classrooms are accessible through a Schoology username, based on the same Email Address shown above. If your password isn’t working, or if this is your first visit, choose the “Forgot your password” link to set up your password. View a step-by-step instructions and information here.

Seesaw Family App Access (Grade K-2)

After your open house date, your grade K-2 child's teacher will send you Seesaw parent access information for classroom engagement. This parent access will allow you to receive daily class communications and expectations, and allow you to view completed class work. You can learn more about SeeSaw here.

GoGuardian Parent App (Grade 4-12 & Online728)

Visit GoGuardian Parent App for information on how parents and guardians can monitor their children's school issued chromebook browsing activity, as well as to adjust filtering and internet access when used out of school.

    • Website Filtering: Allows guardians to block students from accessing specific websites during out of school hours.
    • On Demand or Scheduled Internet Pausing: Allows guardians to schedule periods of paused internet access for students during out of school hours.

ParentLink Parent Notification System for School Closings

ParentLink automated notifications are used for urgent district communication, like school cancellations, to notify all parents/guardians. Phone numbers provided in Campus Parent Portal are used when calling the student’s primary household, including cell, other, household and work numbers. Cell phone numbers will be the first number used. If the cell number is not provided or the call is not answered, a call will be made to the “other” phone number, then to the household phone, and lastly the work phone number will be attempted. This helps us contact you as quickly as possible without leaving multiple messages.  In the event of an in-school emergency, all phone numbers may be called simultaneously. Text messages and emails will also be sent when calls are made. If you prefer not to receive text or email messages, please update your preferences using the instructions. 

Student Accounts & Devices:

Student Device Access (Grades 5-12 & Online728).

Returning Devices to School

As we return to the new school year, students should bring their existing school-issued devices back to their current school, charged and ready to use. This includes students moving between schools such as 8th grade moving into 9th grade. Those signed up for Online728 can retain their existing device for use at home. Devices that are damaged but usable will continue to be used, to be repaired or replaced later in the school year. If a student’s device is no longer in a usable condition, or they do not yet have a device, available device distribution options will be communicated through the student’s school or be available during the first week of school.

Student Device Plan Sign-Up (REQUIRED for ALL Grade 5-12 & Online728 Students)

Parents/Guardians must use Campus Portal to indicate each of their grade 5-12 or Online728 student’s device needs by September 1, 2023 to help us prepare for return to school. Grade K-4 students do not need a plan at this time, unless their school has communicated a 1-to-1 device program. Visit to see the sign-up process, including optional device protection for accidental damages or theft.

Student Account Access (Grades K-12).

Students have access to their school’s resources through their own school account. Look for the follow-up message containing login username and password for each of your students. Login username and passwords are also available in the Parent Portal under More, Logins (help).

New this year: Student passwords have changed as of August 21, 2023, adding a period and first and last name initials in lower case to the end of their existing 5-digit PIN. Example Andy Johnson looks like 12345.aj - Please help students practice their new password. 

In order for students to access their digital learning resources, students Grades 3-12 can visit the Getting Started Guide at to learn how to access:

    • RapidIdentity Portal 
    • Chromebook
    • Schoology
    • Google Workspace (Gmail, Drive, etc)
    • Campus Portal

Student Apps through RapidIdentity Portal (New look)

RapidIdentity Portal improvements during August and September may change how things look for better classroom use, though apps and functionally will work similarly.

The My ISD 728 RapidIdentity Portal allows students to access most classroom digital resources using a single username and password, eliminating the need to remember multiple logins or navigate personal bookmarks. Some apps may be limited as grade levels are updated and systems are prepared for the new school year. Instructional delivery by teachers will not be available outside school days.

ISD 728 uses a variety of digital tools to support student learning. Technology vendors and software is utilized to support work as we help all students develop the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world.  An inventory of curriculum, testing, and assessment tools is available at, including what student data is shared with online providers and links to terms of service and data privacy agreements. Teachers may begin using additional apps in their classrooms, notifying you during the school year. 

Have Questions or Need Help?

Visit our Digital Learning@728 website for video tutorials, handouts and presentations to assist you in navigating these resources, or view the one-page summary:

If your email address has changed or you are unable to login to Campus Parent Portal, please contact us through the Campus Portal Support Request form for assistance.