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Bullying Prevention


The Bullying Prohibition policy protects students against bullying and retaliation by other students.

A safe and civil environment is needed for ISD 728 students to learn and attain high academic standards, and to promote healthy, human relationships. Our district’s core values state that “ALL people have value.” Bullying denies people of that value. 

Therefore, ISD 728 strives to provide a respectful learning environment for all students in school buildings, on school grounds, on school buses, and at school-sponsored activities. Bullying is conduct that interferes with a student’s ability to learn and a teacher’s ability to educate.

It’s important to understand the DEFINITION of bullying

Simply put, bullying is behavior that is unfair and one-sided (imbalance of power).  It happens when someone continues hurting, frightening, threatening or leaving someone out on purpose with the intention of harming emotionally or physically.

“Bullying” is objectively offensive conduct including intimidation, threats, abuse or harm directed by a student toward one or more students. In these cases:

There is a real or perceived imbalance of power between those involved and the conduct reoccurs or forms a pattern.
— or —
The conduct materially and substantially interferes with the student’s educational opportunities, performance, or ability to participate in school functions, activities or programs.


“Cyberbullying” occurs when an electronic device – normally via a tablet, computer or cell phone – is used to transfer a sign, signal, writing, image, sound or data and includes a post to a social network, Internet website or forum. Cyberbullying taking place off school property may be subject to disciplinary action if it substantially and materially disrupts the student learning or school environment. 

It is important to REPORT bullying

Students who believe that they have been bullied or have witnessed bullying are strongly encouraged to bring their concerns to the principal/designee but may bring their concerns to any school employee.

Anonymous reports may be made via the school’s Bully Box or online. However, no disciplinary action will be determined solely on the basis of an anonymous report.

Bullying behavior is prohibited

  • On school property, school district-provided transportation, or at designated locations for students to wait for school district-provided transportation.
  • During any school-sponsored or school-sanctioned program, activity, event or trip.
  • Using school computers, electronic technology, networks, forums or mailing lists.
  • Using electronic technology off the school premises that materially and substantially disrupts a student’s learning or school environment.
  • Retaliation, or filing a false report is prohibited by any student.

The District did a bullying video, which is embedded below. If you can't see the embedded video on your browser, please click here to view on our YouTube Channel.