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ParentLink: Parent Notification System

To alert our families to timely, important or emergency information, ISD 728 uses ParentLink, an automated telephone notification system. ParentLink is a cost-efficient and valuable communication method. The main purpose of our notification system is to communicate emergency or extremely important information (like school cancellations) as quickly and efficiently as possible to parents and guardians.

When contacting parents and guardians we will call and text your mobile telephone number unless you notify us, by changing your preference, that you would like us to call an alternate number (other, home, work, etc.). You do not need to contact us if you would like us to continue using your mobile telephone number. If the cell number is not provided or the call is not answered or directed to voicemail, a call will be made to the “other” phone number, then to the household phone, and last the work phone number will be attempted. This helps us contact you as quickly as possible without leaving multiple messages. In the event of an in-school emergency, all phone numbers will be called simultaneously. 

View telephone numbers on file

Visit Parent Portal to view the telephone numbers we have on file for your household. Telephone numbers can be viewed by clicking on the "Family Information" link. To change a number on file, please update your preferences using the instructions or contact your school office

Tips for receiving messages

  • If the message was set to deliver to all phones, recipients may receive the call simultaneously on home, mobile and work phones until one of the phones completes delivery.
  • ParentLink calls will normally ring through about 6 times. This can be more or less, depending on the phone to which it is calling.
  • Answer the phone by clearly and loudly saying “hello.” ParentLink will not deliver the message unless it hears a clear sound on the recipient’s line.
  • Make sure there is no background noise. This can confuse the system into thinking that the recipient or answering machine is still talking, and cause the message to not play.
  • The message will not always play immediately, so be patient and wait several seconds before hanging up.
  • Once the message is over, a recipient can listen to it again by pressing 1.
  • To replay a message after disconnecting, call ParentLink 866-208-9465 and choose to listen to messages sent to your home and enter the 10-digit telephone number that was called.

Caller ID/Call Back Information

The number 763-241-3406 will show as the caller-id number when ParentLink calls. If you call this number back, it plays a message with options to connect with ParentLink 866-208-9465 or the district office.