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ISD 728 encourages and appreciates all of the many ways parents, guardians and our greater community partner with us to meet our mission of educating, inspiring and empowering our students. Below you'll learn about some of the ways you can be involved and engaged. Thanks for your help! 

Starting in the Fall of 2021, volunteers in ISD 728 without a current approved background check on file will be asked to pay the processing fee of $10.25. Approved background checks are valid for up to three years. ISD 728 is a great place to live and learn – and it’s even better when our families are involved. If the background check processing fee is a hardship for your family, please communicate with your child’s principal to explore options.


Parent Involvement Committee
The Parent Involvement Committee meets on alternate months, for a total of 5 times per year, at Handke Center. The committee is made up of a Parent Liaison from each school who work to coordinate volunteers and encourage communication between parents and schools. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend.

School Board Meetings
The School Board has several different types of meetings regularly including monthly Listening Session.  

Legislative Action Team
The District 728 Legislative Action Team, a non-partisan group of volunteers, is primarily composed of parents, teachers, staff and concerned citizens; district administrators provide support. The group meets monthly and encourages every parent, guardian and concerned citizen to become involved. 

Parent/Teacher Organizations (PTOs)
Many schools in the district have a parent/teacher organization or advisory groups. For more information, contact your school.

Early Childhood Family Education Advisory Council
The ECFE Advisory Council is a group of parents who assist in planning, implementing, and evaluating the ECFE and School Readiness program.

Community Education Advisory Council
The CE Advisory Council, which is intended to be representative of the district, meets monthly during the school year to provide advice and direction to Community Education staff, identifying community needs and marshaling resources to meet them. Members provide input on programs, evaluate existing offerings, provide input on policies and budget, and assist in marketing and advocacy.

World’s Best Workforce Committee
The purpose of the World’s Best Workforce Committee is to address continuous improvement, community involvement and annual public reporting on curriculum, instruction and student achievement. This committee is comprised of parents from each of the district’s schools, community members, teachers, administration and district office personnel to ensure that a broad range of issues and viewpoints are examined and discussed.

Title One Advisory Committee
Title I is a federally funded program through the Elementary & Secondary Act (ESEA) designed to provide support to students who are performing below grade level in reading and math. The goal is to emphasize high academic standards in an effort to help students succeed in the regular classroom and reach grade level performance.  The Title One Advisory Committee works closely with ISD728 staff to develop strategies and goals to help Title One resources lead to student achievement.

American Indian Education Advisory Committee
The American Indian Education Program of ISD 728 is committed to working together with parents and families in order to meet the unique educational and cultural needs of students of American Indian heritage.  The American Indian Education Advisory Committee works closely with ISD728 staff to plan and coordinate resources to create high quality programming for American Indian heritage learners and cultural awareness and history for all of the ISD728 learning community.

School Health Advisory Committee
The purpose of the School Health Advisory Committee is to promote student health and well-being and to foster a healthy learning environment for students, staff and visitors.  The committee comprised of ISD728 staff and community members focuses on the physical and mental health of the learners of ISD728. This committee will focus on matters pertaining to Health Education, Physical Education, Health Services, Nutrition Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Healthy School Environment, Health Promotion for Staff, Family/Community Involvement, the Safe and Drug Free Schools Program and the Wellness Policy.

Safe Schools Committees
The Safe Schools Committees foster a culture of safety and health throughout the ISD728 schools.  This committee finds solutions for safety concerns, and promotes a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and community.  The committee is comprised of school and community partners who work collaboratively to foster safe learning environment for all.   


Parent Portal
View your students' school attendance, grades, class assignments and more, through the Parent Portal. 

Contact Information
Keep you contact information up-to-date, through the Parent Portal or by contacting your school.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are held several times each year and provide a time for parents and guardians to meet one-on-one with teachers to find out how students are doing, ask questions, and share suggestions or concerns.

Open houses and back-to-school events
These events are held prior to the start of the school year and are a great way for students and parents to get to know each other. Click here to see the open house schedule.

Online newsletters
Parents and guardians who have e-mail address on file, receive E-Connection, the district online newsletter. Members of the public can also subscribe. Each school, produces on online newsletter. Visit school Web sites to access their newsletters.

E-Mail questions or feedback
Click here to e-mail a comment, feedback or a questions to a school or to the district office. 


Volunteers are welcome to volunteer every day, every week, every month, or just once in a while. Opportunities to help schools are not limited to assisting in classrooms or chaperoning a daytime field trip. There are many ways to support children and schools on your own schedule and even right from home. For more information or ideas contact your school liaison.


Summer School and tutoring
Information about summer school is available online by the end of the school year, or by contacting your school. Community Education provided academic enrichment and support to students with a  variety of learning needs. Tutoring services offer personalized one-on-one instruction for students in grades K-8. Summer tutoring begins in June. 

Early Childhood classes
Early Childhood Family Education classes are meant to help young children prepare for kindergarten. 

Community Education classes
Community Education offers classes on parenting and care giving. 


ISD 728 appreciates donations, of time and resources, from our parents, community members and alumni. If you have a donation or can donate your time, contact the district office or one of our schools. Some of the ways our community can help us meet our mission include:

  • Sharing professional expertise with schools;
  • Sharing resources with schools;
  • Supporting or endorsing specific programs;
  • Funding scholarships;
  • Setting up internships or apprenticeships for students;
  • Hosting "shadow" programs for groups of students interested in a particular business;
  • Hosting an area "career day" for students;
  • Providing adult mentors for students;
  • Co-sponsoring special school events;
  • Working in partnership to explore and develop "hands-on" learning opportunities;
  • Identifying opportunities to invite school performance groups to community meetings and event

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