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  • Because Every Learner is Unique
    Online728 is a full-time online K-12 school offered through Minnesota's 8th largest school district, ISD 728. Online728 helps personalize the learning process and provide a much needed alternative to the traditional classroom model.  Online728 creates an online learning environment that:


    Online728 courses are different from the 100% Distance Learning option currently available this school year. Online728 courses are uniquely designed just for those learners who are enrolled in the online program.  This format allows instructors to provide more personalized instruction and better support learners


    • Individualized student learning through the use of digital curriculum and personalized instructor support.
    • Instruction that allows students to follow their own pace, plan, and path along their educational journey.
    • High-quality curriculum aligned to Minnesota academic standards.


    • Access to curriculum 24:7 through Schoology.  
    • Flexibility in their personal and academic schedules.
    • Ability to connect with teachers during online office hours.
    • Access to in-person support that can be scheduled with the online teacher.


    • Instructors are licensed ISD 728 teachers and have received specialized training to assess and communicate effectively in an online environment. 
    • Google Meetings will be utilized for personalized questions or full class instruction. 
    • All students receive a Chromebook with access to ISD 728 technical support.

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    Online728 is committed to providing a flexible learning experience that prepares learners for the 21st century workforce.

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    Browse through the variety of courses that Online728 offers. From math to science, there is a class for everyone. 

  • ncaa approved
    Online728 is NCAA Approved