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Dietary Accommodations

  • Dietary Accommodations are governed by both federal and state regulations.
  • Lactose free milk is made available to any student with a written request from the parent/guardian. If your child needs lactose free milk please contact the head cook at your child’s school.
  • All other requests for accommodations require a Special Dietary Statement to Request Dietary Accommodations (see Quick Links for form).
  • All sections must be completed for the accommodations to be considered. Please email the completed form to
  • All requests for modifications will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Special dietary requests should constitute a disability.  The form must be completed by a licensed physician, physician assistant, or an advanced practice registered nurse, such as a certified nurse practitioner.  
  • If approved, accommodations will be in place until graduation, unless otherwise communicated to

Please Note:

Food Service staff members are not trained medical providers and will never determine if a child can or cannot eat a particular item. That decision belongs only to parents, guardians or licensed medical providers. We encourage parents/guardians to work closely with food service staff to ensure their required accommodations are being met. Parents or guardians will be provided nutritional statements on any products we serve from the head cook. However, ingredients may change at any time without notice by the manufacturer, so items served may be different than listed on the menus and/or nutritionals.


Aaron Kneeland
District Chef/Operations Manager
(763) 241-3400 x1354