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Until the late 1970's, asbestos was commonly used in commercial and residential building materials, such as floor tile and thermal system insulations.

With the exception of buildings certified by the designing architect as asbestos-free, each of ISD 728's buildings has been inspected for asbestos under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1986, using accredited inspectors.  Asbestos-containing building materials have been identified during building inspections.  Based on the results of these inspections, plans have been developed and implemented to safely manage asbestos-containing materials at each affected location.  Plans and inspection results are available for review and/or copying through the district's Health and Safety Department.  

AHERA also requires us to conduct surveillance inspections every six months to evaluate the condition of known asbestos-containing materials and to completely re-inspect our buildings every three years.  This is done to ensure that asbestos-containing materials are maintained in a safe condition.  In the event that damage to asbestos-containing materials is reported or discovered, immediate response actions are implemented and documented. 

Removal of asbestos-containing materials generally occurs only when the materials are damaged or need to be removed for other purposes such as building renovations.  

ISD 728's ongoing efforts related to the management and control of asbestos-containing materials are focused on providing a safe and healthy environment for our building occupants.  


Laura Masley
Operations Manager Health & Safety
(763) 241-3400 x1370