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Social, Emotional, Behavioral Supports

We know our students are struggling -

these skills support the ability to cope.

What are the life skills strengthened by social, emotional and behavioral supports?

Social, emotional and behavioral strategies and curriculum are simply put, ways to enhance life skills to support our students for success in school and in life. Not only do they unequivocally enhance academic performance, but they prepare students for the challenges of life and give them job readiness skills. They prioritize conflict resolution skills, responsible decision making, making good choices, social and self awareness to build empathy and gain different perspectives. These skills are the KEYS to job marketability and preparing students for the real world. Academics only get you so far - whether or not you get hired for a job depends on how you interact with others. Social, emotional and behavioral strategies are a whole child approach to developing those important life skills and emotional Intelligence. In fact, direct teaching these skills increases academic performance by at least 11 percentage points. 

Connection to Whole Child Success