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Need to make changes for your student's transportation? 

During the school year, all changes are processed through Campus Parent Portal. Please complete a new request indicating the new information.  Make sure to include the updated needs for both morning (To School) and afternoon (From School) so that we do not remove your student from any current routes. 

To complete an update request, follow these steps:

  • Parent/Guardian login to Parent Portal
  • Select 'Message Center' (left-hand menu)
  • Select 'Surveys' (main menu)
  • Complete '2023-2024 Student Transportation Information' Survey (complete one form per student)

The survey may state that it has already been completed -- that is ok - these are timestamped and we will work from the newest request. 

Once you submit the request, please allow 5-7 school days for your request to be processed.  

How will I know if the change has been made? 

Campus Parent Portal will update as soon as changes have been processed.  Once you are logged in, please check for new information under 'More' and then 'Transportation.'  In some unique situations, the routing team will reach out by phone or email to update you with information.   

If during the school year more than 10 school days have passed since you submitted updates.  Please reach out to ISD 728 Transportation for more information. 

23-24 Reminders


Kari Schugel
ISD 728 Transportation Operations Manager
(763) 241-3477

Vision Transportation
(763) 441-4420


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