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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do so my student will have a successful bus ride to/from school?

  • Arrange for your student to be at their bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.  Monitor students from damaging the property of others at the bus stop. 
  • Be aware that the bus will pick up and drop off students at the same stop every day school is in session. 
  • Help your student learn their route numbers and appropriate paths to/from the bus stop to home. 
  • Review the bus safety rules outlined in the Bus Safety Information with your student. 
  • Accompany younger riders to the bus stop and meet the bus at the end of the day for the first days of school, or arrange for an older student or childcare provider to be at the bus stop for the first days of school. 
  • For preschool students, a parent, responsible adult or childcare provider is expected to meet the bus when it arrives to pick-up or drop off the student. 

What determines a bus stop?

  • The goal is to consistently identify bus stops in neighborhoods based on safety, efficiency, least cost, and shortest overall ride times.
  • Bus stops are central to where all of the students are coming from and may not be able to be viewed from each house. Some house stops are made on very busy roads.   Child care providers carry the same responsibility as parents/guardians and are responsible for ensuring that students arrive safely at their assigned stop. 
  • Generally, buses do not travel into cul-de-sacs or dead-end roads because of lack of safe access or the ability of the bus to turn around.
  • Please see Busing Guidelines for specific grade levels.

Can I make changes to my students route?

  • If you move during the school year, have a change in daycare locations, or wish to begin riding the bus, please complete a new K-12 Student Transportation Information Form through Parent Portal.  Navigate to 'Message Center' and then 'Surveys'.  If your student is attending a preschool program, please visit Discovery Learning Preschool for details.
  • Allow 7-10 school days for the adjustment and watch Parent Portal for new routing information to become available. Details are viewable under 'More' and then 'Transportation.'
  • NOTE: Temporary route changes will not be honored. When making a change, the student must ride for at least twenty (20) consecutive school days before another change can be made.

Can my student ride home with a friend or get off the bus somewhere other than their stop?

  • For their safety, students can only ride their assigned bus and be dropped off at their assigned bus stop every day. Drivers are not allowed to accept notes from students or parents. Consistent drop-off locations leave less room for confusion by the student and the driver. 


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