Hearing and Vision Screening

  • Vision and Hearing Screening is a program in our schools formatted under the direction of the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Vision and Hearing Screening is available to district schools, as well as to non-public schools and home school students who have requested Health Services through ISD 728.  

    Studies have shown that 80% of what children learn is through vision, therefore good vision is critical to the learning process.  The purpose of vision screening is to alert parents to possible vision problems in their children.  The screenings are not diagnostic and do not replace examinations by eye care professionals. Screening programs should include provision for follow-up care, because screening is of little value without follow-up.  Every child should receive a professional eye exam at the start of school and every 2 - 3 years thereafter.  

    Mass screening and follow-up occurs annually in the fall of each school year. Screening is offered to students in grades 1, 3, and 5 during the school day. These students will be screened unless a parent or guardian notifies the school to opt his/her student out of this screening program.  Screenings may be performed per teacher or parent request.

    Due to the change of the vision screening charts, we are now screening from a 10 foot distance. The referral letters and documentation will now reflect the new 10 foot distance results.  For your reference, see the chart below to make the conversion from 10 feet to 20 feet results.

    10/80 = 20/160
    10/63 = 20/125
    10/50 = 20/100
    10/40 = 20/80
    10/32 = 20/63
    10/25 = 20/50
    10/20 = 20/40
    10/16 = 20/32
    10/12.5 = 20/25
    10/10 = 20/20

    If a student does not pass the vision or hearing screening, according to MDH standards, the screening will be repeated. If the student does not pass the screening the second time, a physician referral letter will be sent to the parent/guardian.  

    For more information or to request a screening for students in grades not screened, contact your school’s Health Services Secretary. Please see the attached link below for the current Vision and Hearing Schedule for 2018-2019

     Scoliosis Screening

     ISD 728 is no longer scheduling mass scoliosis screenings per MDH recommendations. However, if you wish to have your 5th or 6th grade daughter screened for scoliosis, please contact your student's Licensed School Nurse. Scoliosis screening will only be performed upon parent request.