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Parent Pick Up Instructions

Parent Pick Up Procedure:

  • Pickup begins at 3:45 P.M.

Vehicles will come through the circle with Red Twin Lakes tag showing the # and park where we can get 5-6 cars around the circle. Tags should be handed out first day of school to students.

  • We will always keep parents pulling up as far as possible for pick up.  Parents NEED to stay in their car.
  • We will only load vehicles from the lane closest to the building.
  • Students should line up behind the appropriate cone according to the tag on the bag while waiting to be picked up.
  • We will monitor students to make sure that they do not run to a vehicle.
  • Most vehicles will have a Twin Lakes Red tag.  If not, we will have to ask them who s/he is picking up.  Those students will have a blue note and be standing by that designated cone.
  • A staff person will call out the student’s name for pick up - make sure that the vehicles are parked.