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Birthday Treats

Families of Twin Lakes Elementary School,

Throughout the course of any school year, it’s our pleasure to celebrate student birthdays with your sons and daughters here at Twin Lakes Elementary School.  We realize that birthdays are an opportunity to recognize each student, providing affirmation, community support and value through that celebration.  As we did last year, we’re asking our families to consider a different approach to birthdays.

While, in the past, it has been common to bring a birthday “treat,” we will not be distributing food items to celebrate birthdays.  There are several other ways to acknowledge your child’s special day.  Ideas include small prizes or even school-related supplies, a t-shirt for all students to sign and give back to the student, a class photo with a matte that each student can “autograph” or any other unique idea that commemorates the uniqueness of your child at this particular age.

Please do not send food items to school to celebrate your student’s birthday.  If food items are sent, it will be returned to you for your family to enjoy at home.

We’re moving in this direction due to several factors, including (but not limited to) a rise in food allergies among school-aged children, the expense “treats” can be for families with multiple children in school and the exclusion of some students – particularly those who don’t have the means to bring a “treat” or those with birthdays not during the school year.

Our staff will continue to do what they can to make your child feel valued on their “special” day.  To honor the birthday of each child, he/she is able to select a “birthday book” from the office during his/her birthday month. We appreciate your cooperation with this new direction. If you have any comments or questions, or would like to discuss this particular idea, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Daniel Collins

Principal, Twin Lakes Elementary School