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ISD 728 Celebrates School Board Dedication, Accomplishment

ISD 728 leadership and staff joined the Minnesota School Boards Association in celebrating Minnesota School Board Recognition Week February 22-26, 2021, aiming to build awareness and understanding of the vital function these elected officials play in our communities.

“We appreciate, so much, their commitment to our ISD 728 communities, as well as what they do for all of our students and families,” said Superintendent Dan Bittman. “They spend a lot of hours away from their own families to take care of ISD 728 students, families, and community partners, and we want to recognize them for their dedication, especially during the pandemic.  I could not be more proud of them and to serve with them.  It is just humbling.”

The District honored members prior to a February 22 Work Session at the ISD 728 District Office. Family members and ISD 728 were in attendance.

School boards work consistently, Bittman said, to raise student achievement each year by:

  • Creating a vision for what the community wants to be and for making student achievement a top priority;
  • Establishing standards, in accordance with state standards, for what students will be expected to learn and be able to do;
  • Ensuring progress is measured to be sure the District’s goals are achieved and students are learning at expected levels in one of the top school districts in Minnesota;
  • Being accountable for their decisions and actions by continually tracking and reporting results;
  • Creating a safe, orderly climate where students can learn and teachers can teach;
  • Forming partnerships with others in our communities to solve common problems; and
  • Focusing attention on the need for continuous improvement by questioning, refining and revising issues related to student achievement.

“We truly are grateful for the work our school board does for our kids. It goes well beyond meetings. They are present at events, community celebrations and much more, and they represent our schools and student very well,” said William Campbell, Assistant Superintendent. “This is a weeklong recognition, but their work is year-round. That deserves credit.”

Serving the ISD 728 School District on the Board this year are:

  • Holly Thompson – Board Chair
  • Kim Michels – Vice Chair
  • Tony Walter – Clerk
  • Sara Weis – Director
  • Shane Steinbrecher – Director
  • Christi Tullbane – Director
  • Joel Nelson – Treasurer

For more information on the ISD 728 School Board, visit

Holly Thompson – Board Chair



Kim Michels – Vice Chair



Tony Walter – Clerk


Joel Nelson – Treasurer



Shane Steinbrecher – Director



Christi Tullbane – Director



Sara Weis – Director