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ISD 728 and Partners Identify Staggered Release as New Tool to Combat Weather Challenges

After navigating one of the snowiest starts to a Winter Season on record, ISD 728 continues to work with our busing partners, Vision and Northwest Suburban Integration School District, education partners like our non-public and charter schools, and with neighboring school districts to determine tools to transport our students during winter weather days.


ISD 728 has identified a staggered release system, also known as a modified dismissal, as one new option to utilize when winter weather arrives after students are on campus and conditions warrant additional (or, longer) travel time.


If snowfall or wintry weather warrants a modified dismissal:


  • Students at Elk River High School, Rogers High School, Zimmerman Middle and High School and Ivan Sand Community Middle and High School will be released 30 minutes prior to their normal release time.


  •  Students from Prairie View Middle, Rogers Middle, Salk Middle and VandenBerge Middle will be released 15 minutes prior to their normal release time. This modified dismissal tier will also include the FOCUS, Journey and COMPASS programs in ISD 728, and all non-publics and charter students from Kaleidoscope Charter, Mary Queen of Peace Catholic, St. Andrew Catholic, St. John’s Lutheran and Three Rivers Montessori Schools.


  • All students at all ISD 728 elementary school buildings and all preschool programs would release at their normally scheduled release time.


This modified dismissal system is designed to allow first and second tiers of transportation to begin busing students home from the school day at an earlier time so drivers have the best opportunity to arrive at elementary buildings on time for the final tier of transportation. It is not an indicator that all students would arrive home from the school day early. However, it would allow additional time for drivers to navigate roads and arrive at stops safely.


We appreciate our local plow drivers, public works crews and city and county leaders for the work they’ve done during this historic winter.


We also appreciate the cooperation and support shown by our ISD 728 families.


Our priority will always be the safety of our students and staff. We hope this new tool in our “toolbox” will help us better navigate adverse conditions and keep students and families safe during winter weather.