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‘All Shook Up’ at RHS Honored by Hennepin Theatre Trust

The Spotlight Education Program, in cooperation with Hennepin Theatre Trust, has awarded several Performance Honors to the cast and crew of “All Shook Up,” which took center stage at the Rogers High School Performing Arts Center earlier this year.

The Overall Production of “All Shook Up,” which featured the music of Elvis Presley, was given an Outstanding Award from the Spotlight Education program, which is the highest honor a show can achieve in that category.

Actors Lydia Deavel (Natalie) and Kennedy Thomas (Sylvia) were named winners of Outstanding Awards for Leading Role and Supporting Role, respectively.

Stage Manager Emily Dusosky and Set Designer Alyssa Bachmeier earned Outstanding Awards in their fields, as well.

Additional Outstanding Awards were given to the Student Orchestra, the Light and Sound Crew, and the Overall Technical Team, making it the most awarded show for ISD 728 by the Hennepin Theatre Trust.

Honorable Mention Awards included Achievement in Musical Theatre, Overall Performance, Ensemble Performance, Vocal Performance and Run Crew.

Lead actors Grey Cuabo (Chad) and Ethan Nylin (Dennis) were named Honorable Mention winners, as was Supporting Actor Aidan Gordon (Jim).

Additionally, Isabella Dickmeyer earned an “Evaluator Shout-Out.”

Congratulations to the entire RHS cast, crew and orchestra for an award-winning performance this fall.