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Filling Out College Information


The following are recommended steps for a student to submit a majority of online or printable college applications. Each college website has a slightly different application but in general these steps can help a student successfully fill out the appropriate information. There is also a list of generally required documents at the end of the application steps.


  • Find the school's online application (you may have to create an account or login name) or print off the application.
  • Once you have gained access to the online application or printed the application, begin filling out the appropriate fields.
  • If you have not decided on a specific major, do not worry. Many colleges to do not require this information prior to admission to their school. However, it may be necessary for students who are applying for scholarships that are only available to students in a certain degree program.
  • Make sure you save your online application periodically. Typically, you can return later to complete the application without losing any of your work if necessary.
  • Rogers High School CEEB code: 242-110 (location on application form varies)
  • Make sure you accurately record your high school cumulative GPA and class rank because it will also be reported on your official transcript.
  • You can look up your ACT scores online (for a fee) 10 days after you take the test.
  • If the school has a separate Counselor document for their application process, please print out the pages and give to your counselor.
  • MAKE SURE YOU SIGN AND DATE YOUR APPLICATION. An application can be rejected without a signature. Online applications are typically electronically signed and will not be submitted until they are e-signed.
  • Submit your application per the school's instructions.


Once your application is complete, you will need to collect several documents to send to the school. Most schools require the following pieces of information before they consider the student for enrollment.


  • Completed and signed application
  • Official Transcript (student to request through Parchment)
  • Official SAT or ACT scores
  • Brag Sheet (varies by school)
  • Essay (varies by school)
  • Application fee (ranges from $20-$75)


Once all these forms are received the college will contact you regarding your application. If you completed the online application, be sure to check your email spam folder or bulk mail folder because college/university emails may be mistakenly filtered there. Some schools provide the ability to check your application status by logging into your account. If you still have questions, feel free to call the college and talk with an admissions counselor about your application.

Common Applications

Common Applications are online sites that allow you to fill in one application and have it sent to a number of colleges or universities. This may be a good resource if you are applying to a number of the schools on the Common Applications list, but not a good use of time if only one of your colleges is listed.