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ECSE Updates

Special Education Highlights:

Child Outcome Reporting Data Reminders: 

  • Anytime a child enters part C services
  • When a child exits part C services and has had 6 months of service
  • When a child enters part B services
  • When a child leaves Pre K for kindergarten that has had 6 months of services

Sped data requests:  These need to be done any time a student enters your caseload, exits your caseload or has a setting change so that enrollment settings match between campus and sped forms

Transportation concerns need to go through Chris Brink, who will then contact Vision. When you are sending your concerns to Chris, make sure to include the student name, route information and other pertinent information related to your concerns!

 Required Trainings:

  • Don't forget to complete your ALICE training -- it is due by September 20!
  • Everyone also needs to follow the Link that Cory sent out to complete the Yearly Staff Acknowledgement Form.  LINK
  • This Link includes your yearly policy acknowledgment, Flip Chart, and Mandated Reporting requirements.  Please allow for roughly 45 minutes to work through the videos and read the policy links.

Slack Communication: Slack has been a success in communicating between sites and the front office!!! 

Open Enrollment Form: There is a new Open Enrollment form that should be used. If you are sending this to families please use this updated form that can be completed online  Open Enrollment Form

Aesop: Reminder to enter AESOP as soon as possible. If an absence needs to be entered after 8 am then you need to contact Chris Brink to let her know. 

Attendance in Campus: Good job on taking attendance for the first week! 

Keys: If you are no longer working at Handke please return your keys if you haven’t done so! We are short classroom keys. 


Upcoming Dates:  

Tuesday: 8:20 staff meeting at Handke & Google hangout