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Kelly Corbett to Lead Otsego Elementary School

Principal Kelly Corbett is the new face of Otsego Elementary School, joining the ISD 728 administrative team as new principal on July 1.


She comes to Otsego via Robbinsdale, where she was a principal for two years in that district. Prior to that she taught in places such as Indianapolis, Phoenix and nearby Anoka.


“We love Minnesota,” said Corbett, who is settling into her office at OES. “My husband’s job took us a few places, but he’s with a Minnesota-based company now, and we’re happy to be home.”


Corbett was introduced to ISD 728 via a neighbor, who had relocated to the Plymouth area via Otsego (to be closer to work, she said).
“They talked about what a good community it was and how people support their schools here. The families and kids that I’ve met so far - through Summer Library and a couple of other conversations are really excited about Otsego Elementary and what it means to the city,” she said.


It will be a different landscape for Otsego in 2017-2018, with Prairie View Elementary and Middle School opening just a couple of miles west of OES. But Corbett said she’s looking forward to re-shaping the OES community, with new teachers and students ready for an exciting new year.


“It’s a great opportunity,” she said. “And, from what I’ve been told, people will appreciate the space. Things were getting a little bit crowded here, and with the new school opening that takes off some of the pressure.”


Kelly considers herself a numbers person - she like data and analytics, and is already diving into information about the last few academic years. But the favorite part of her job is the relationships she can make, as an administrator, with the families and students at her school.


“That’s what I look forward to,” she said. “I’m already enjoying [the job], but there’s that energy that comes when the kids and the parents are back in and around the building. And the staff, too. So I’m definitely ready for the new year. Ready to go.”


As for first-year goals, Corbett is taking aim at improving on the school’s already strong literacy programs and test scores.


“We need to keep that growing. Literacy is a huge thing, and it’s a gateway to everything else when it comes to learning. So that will be a big focus,” she said.


Otsego Elementary will welcome kids and families back to school on Tuesday, Aug. 29 with it’s Kindergarten Orientation and Open House. Orientation begins at 5 p.m. (until 6:30) with the open house for all students from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Kelly Corbett, principal at Otsego Elementary School.