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Board Honors October Student Leaders

The ISD 728 School Board took time at its Monday, Oct. 23 meeting to meet some students from around the center of the district that have shown excellence in leadership.


These projects raise from fundraising to planning for beyond ISD 728 schools, and the leadership and examples they’ve shown as students embody our district mission.


Here’s more information about these inspiring and empowered leaders:  


ERHS Students

Jill Humphrey
Jill is the Vice President of School Based Enterprise - the DECA Depot.  She has been instrumental getting the store up and running this year and manages the team that runs the store each day.  She will work with the team to obtain national certification for our store through DECA Inc.  Jill will be elected to State Office this weekend at the Minnesota DECA Fall Leadership Conference.  


Ashley Purcell
Ashley is the Elk River DECA Chapter president. Ashley is responsible for coordinating the chapter events and meetings.  She is a four-year DECA member and has experienced DECA at all levels of competition.  Ashley will be elected to State Office this weekend at the Minnesota DECA Fall Leadership Conference.


VMS Students

Lindsey Redepenning
On Nov. 3, 2008, Lindsey's life changed forever when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Since that time, Lindsey is a tireless advocate for research funding. She has raised approximately $65,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation or JDRF. Linsey has participated in One Walks at Mall of America, JDRF Garage Sales, and JDRF Ride to Cures in order to gain funds for research. Through Lindsey's and countless other's efforts, the artificial pancreas has become a reality. Lindsey has seen the fruits of her labor as this August she began utilizing the artificial pancreas herself. She has gone above and beyond to not only help herself but to help others, for that, VMS nominated Lindsey Redepenning for this honor.


Emily Almanzar
Emily has been in the USA for 2 years, moving here from the Dominican Republic. Emily has the desire to learn all she can in the US because she sees the opportunities she can gain through education.  Emily was determined to do well on her MCA's last year. She put in the work and achieved great heights - she grew 12 points on her math MCA and 23 points on her reading MCA! The sky is the limit for Emily due to her ability to set goals and achieve them.  She is also a true leader among her peers and in the community. Emily is a VMS WEB leader and a member of our Honor Society, she is a true asset to our VMS family!


Twin Lakes Students

  • Kendra Cardinal
  • Lilly Osterman
  • Matthew Bliss
  • Taylor Spanier
  • Autumn Anderson
  • Maddy Peterson

Twin Lakes Elementary School "selected our school corner patrol to receive this recognition for their leadership and responsibility. The corner patrol is a huge commitment. They go out in all kinds of weather to help students safely cross roads. They have to be good communicators, follow the guidelines of safety, and be responsible with time and accountability. We are proud of them because the patrol are leaders by example."



Ashley Purcell



Jill Humphrey 



Emily Almanzar



Matthew Bliss, Lilly Osterman, Kendra Cardinal, Taylor Spanier, Autumn Anderson, Maddy Peterson



Lindsey Redepenning


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