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ISD 728 School Board Recognizes Rogers Students at Latest Meeting

Throughout the 2017-2018 School Year, the ISD 728 School Board, together with ISD 728 administration, is taking time to recognize students whose achievements in and out of the classroom are “above and beyond.”


At the most recent school board meeting on Dec. 11, students from the Rogers area were recognized for their achievements and exceptional effort:


Rogers Elementary School

Olivia Wallace
Olivia is a student leader who has demonstrated skills that will prepare her for success in both school and life. She is continuously developing her skills allowing her to inspire others and encourage them to be their best as well. At a young age, Olivia is making a difference in the life of others. She organized and planned a local "Costume for a Cure" fundraiser in hopes to carry out her dream of living in a world without cancer by "scaring it away." What a brave and inspiring young lady. I am privileged to be her teacher and have an opportunity to watch her learn and grow.


Kayla Moua
Kayla is a very responsible, motivated and confident student.  She comes to school every day with an excitement for learning and a dedication for going above and beyond at school.  She pays close attention to details and makes sure that her daily work is not only accurate, but also meticulously neat and of the utmost quality. In addition to her academic excellence, Kayla is also a model student who sets a positive example for her peers.  Her work ethic and focus on doing well is an inspiration to her classmates and has earned herself a leadership role representing our students as a member of the student council this school year.



Rogers Middle School

Dylan Honnoll
Dylan’s teachers describe him as kind, respectful, driven, hard working, and involved. Dylan has managed to earn strong grades while also participating in WEB, soccer, basketball, and helping school administration present bullying-prevention training to our bus drivers.  Dylan is a leader at RMS and we are fortunate to call him one of our own.


Amber Killian
Amber’s teachers describe her as kind, respectful, compassionate, hard working, and involved.  Amber has managed to earn strong grades while also participating in AVID, NJHS, Just for Kix, and 728 Cadets.  Amber is a quiet leader at RMS and we are fortunate to call her one of our own.



Rogers High School

Stacy Anderson 
grade 12

Stacy has transformed from a quiet, shy student with little confidence to a great, outspoken leader this year.  She has five A's and one B so far this year.  She has taken an active role in planning some of our AVID college visits and in-class activities.  Stacy is also a kind and compassionate person.  She always puts other's needs in front of her own.  Stacy's hard work ethic, leadership and commitment to excellence will be key contributors to her success next year at her dream school, Moorhead State.  Stacy plans on majoring in Early Childhood Education.  Way to go Stacy!  We are proud of you!  


Allison Skinner
grade 12

Allison is a student who I am incredibly proud of.  She has been an actor in the One Act play for 3 years. She is someone who struggled with public speaking; however, she has a love for Theatre and wanted to overcome this. Not only did she overcome this, she exceeded all expectations. This year she was cast as Ariel, the lead role in the musical The Little Mermaid. She was AMAZING!! She worked so incredibly hard and watching her step on that stage was one of the proudest moments in my teaching career because I knew she had to overcome a lot in order to make that happen. Her passion, drive and determination are things that need to be celebrated and recognized!  Way to go Allison! We are proud of you!