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ISD 728 Grads Maintain Edge on State, Nation in ACT Scores

High school graduates from ISD 728 schools continue to demonstrate high levels of performance on annual ACT exams, and are better framed for success in education beyond the high school level, according to the annual report prepared by the people who bring students the ACT exam.


“Meeting our World's Best Workforce tenet of having all kids prepared for college includes assessing students’ readiness via tools such as the ACT,“ said ISD 728 Superintendent Dr. Dan Bittman. “ISD 728 students, families, staff, and community members work tirelessly to support one another, and student performance on the most recent ACT is just one more indication we are heading in the right direction.”


In ISD 728, students graduating in 2018 averaged an ACT composite score of 21.8, which is a half of a point higher than the state average of 21.3.


The exam is often a key submission when students apply for college or university acceptance. The ACT score is often a standard for scholarship awards, as well.


Minnesota, again, led the nation with its state composite score average for states that assessed nearly 90 percent of their students with the ACT. It also led the country in the other areas measured by the ACT – Reading Comprehension, Math, English and Science.

ISD 728 outscored the state in all of those fields. Graduates from the District scored an average of 20.5 in English, 22.3 in Math, 22.0 in Reading and 22.1 in Science.


Students within the District performed nearly a full point higher in math, it’s widest margin vs. the state average. As a result, the ACT states ISD 728 students are 54 percent more likely to score a C grade or higher in college-level algebra. And nearly 70 percent of ISD 728 students would score that well on a college-level English composition class.


And ISD 728 has maintained a high level of performance while giving more students an opportunity to participate in the ACT - covering the cost for all junior to take the exam. The number of test takers has risen by more than 300 students, with a record 90 percent of the ISD 728 Class of 2018 taking the ACT.


“With our 2018 Strategic Plan, ISD 728 is working to ensure equitable opportunities to all learners to achieve our mission, core values and learner outcomes. Our district wide participation in the ACT is a key component to that goal, ensuring all learners are ready for career and college,” Bittman said.


Over the past several years, ACT has assisted school districts nationally with measurements in college readiness, according to graduates who have taken their ACT. The measurements also assess class choice in high school –showing that students who take three years of match, English and science typically score better on the national assessment than those who take two years or less prior to the exam.


“While we are proud of our high school students and their continued performance on college readiness exams, we recognize there is more to do,” Bittman explained further. “Together, we will continue to provide amazing opportunities for our children, helping all learners achieve success.”