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Superintendent Update: ISD 728, Law Enforcement Working to Continue Valued Relationship

ISD 728 Community,


Like many districts across Minnesota, ISD 728 has a formal agreement with the multiple agencies in which local officers are placed in our schools as school resource officers. These specially trained officers protect students and staff during the school day and often during public school-sponsored events in the evening and on weekends. In ISD 728, these agencies include the Elk River and Rogers police departments, as well as the Wright and Sherburne County sheriff's departments. This relationship with local departments has existed for many years.

In recent days, you may have seen media reports related to a change in state law that restricts the use of force and restraints on students. According to media reports, there is some confusion about how the law impacts police officers.

As a result, some local law enforcement agencies have suspended their existing school resource officer agreements with school districts, while others have raised their concern about the impact that the law will have on the future role of resource officers in schools.

District officials are actively working with our law enforcement partners to discuss the change in state law and to prepare for the new school year. In the meantime, our law enforcement partners have assured us that they remain committed to providing direct support to our schools and at school events until this matter is resolved at the Legislature. In other words, our School Resource Officers (SROs) will be present at our buildings, and we will continue to have police presence at district-sponsored events such as athletic competitions and performances.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this important issue, which emerged quickly, drew widespread media attention, and continues to develop.  Please be assured that we join officers in remaining committed to safety as an important priority in ISD 728 each day.