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There’s a place for YOU at VandenBerge Middle School

With the mission to educate, inspire and empower our diverse learners, VandenBerge Middle School (VMS) provides each of our students unique and personal pathways for their future success in high school, college and career. We believe that all students can excel when there is a partnership and relationship between students, staff, and parents. The staff at VandenBerge Middle School takes pride in helping to develop the intellectual, ethical, physical, social, and emotional growth of each student that walks through our doors.


VandenBerge Middle School is home to a long tradition of high academic achievement and top performance in activities and community contribution. Our high quality, dedicated and energetic staff and administration believe all students can learn and achieve their dreams through the development of rigorous, engaging educational experiences.


1:1 Relationships

Teachers and staff develop 1:1 relationships to support students via our advisory class – RALLY (Really Awesome Lifelong Learning Year). RALLY is designed to create positive connections between students and staff plus foster a personalized, supportive school culture. The curriculum has been designed around developing positive relationships, bullying prevention, digital citizenship and several other character building themes throughout the year. RALLY advisors also help students to check on their academic progress plus teach students how to utilize good organizational strategies like our school wide binder system.  All students are issued a Chromebook to complete their assignments and communicate directly with their teacher through Schoology.


College & Career Prep

VMS offers career oriented curriculum in our Industrial Technology, Family Consumer Science (FACS), and Computer Coding classes. Our Industrial Technology department utilizes  Project Lead the Way curriculum in all courses – Design and Modeling , Automation and Robotics, and the traditional 8th grade Tech. These courses are designed to encompass real world learning with critical thinking and employability skills. FACs courses help our students begin to learn the skills needed for high school, college, career and an independent life. Our 6th grade Computer Coding course offers students their first opportunity to learn coding through problem solving and critical thinking skills utilizing 21st century resources.

Community Service

Each year, VandenBerge Middle School students contribute to our local and global communities in a variety of ways. Service learning is incorporated into our RALLY curriculum through our food, coat and toy drives, to name a few service learning opportunities. Our Student Council and Honor Society take the lead in determining which organizations we will donate to and how we will encourage student participation. Their exemplary service has increased the quality of life for many people in our community.


AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

AVID is a college readiness system that is designed to increase school-wide learning and performance by creating a support network for students. The program is dedicated to closing the achievement gap by preparing all students for high school, college and other post-secondary opportunities.


School Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

At VMS, we emphasize a positive school wide systems for support that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate school behaviors to create a positive, safe, secure school environment for all. Students are taught the appropriate behaviors and then are recognized with PRIDE tickets when they exhibit the correct behaviors. Students are able to turn in their PRIDE tickets for a variety of incentives throughout the school year – our way of saying “thanks for doing such a great job”.


WEB (Where Everybody Belongs)

WEB is the middle school orientation and transition program for 6th graders that is led by our 8th grade WEB leaders. As positive role models, our 8th grade students help our 6th graders navigate middle school the first weeks of school and periodically throughout the remainder of the year through lessons in RALLY. WEB provides the structure for 6th graders to receive support from the 8th grade leaders, helps build mentoring relationships, and a sense of community for all involved.


Exploration Day

At VMS, all students participate in Exploration Day. This program is designed to provide on and off campus enrichment opportunities that students elect to attend. When designing the day, staff seek out unique experiences that students may not normally participate in to expand their horizons.


VMS Pool

VMS students have the unique advantage to be able to access the pool for swim lessons during physical education classes during the school day. Our students participate in a swimming unit that is supervised by a water safety instructor on staff to ensure the safety and security of all involved.


Extra Curriculars

Honor Society, Student Council, WEB, Mathletes, Media Team, Yearbook, and Community Ed sponsored Athletics and Activities.