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ISD 728 COVID-19 Guidance to Match CDC

We are updating the COVID-19 isolation guidance for ISD 728 staff and students who have tested positive in accordance with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Minnesota Department of Health.

What is changing:

  • Staff and students who test positive for COVID-19 will begin a five-day isolation period from the onset of symptoms or testing date, whichever occurs first.
  • Individuals are eligible to return to sites on Day 6 if their symptoms are improving from the previous day.
  • Individuals who return on Day 6 are required to wear a mask through the entire 10-day period while in a school building.  
  • If a mask can not be worn properly and/or effectively, the staff or student must remain in isolation for the entire 10 days. 
  • Effective with the change for students on January 15, 2022, the School District will no longer notify families of positive cases at the early childhood and elementary level.  The reason for this is due to the reduced time period for isolation and availability of vaccinations now for all students. As previously stated, if students are ill, parents should follow ISD 728 health guidelines and keep them home until their symptoms have improved. 

When are things changing:

  • Staff may follow the updated five-day isolation at this time.
    • If staff have questions regarding an adjusted return date, they should contact their Human Resources Specialist to review the new isolation guidance.  
  • Students may follow the five-day isolation period starting Saturday, January 15, 2022.
    • Students on 10-day quarantine as of Saturday, January 15, 2022 would be eligible for updated five-day returns.
    • Communication to all District families will go out later today updating them on this change.

Why are things changing:

  • The CDC has released a short article on why they are recommending this change. You can read that article HERE.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health has supported this guidance from the CDC.

We know this news will bring relief to many of our families as it reduces the amount of instruction time our students will miss.  However, we must continue to move forward with caution and to refrain from sending students to school while sick (even if they have passed the five-day quarantine period).  

Working collaboratively to keep illness out of our schools is the single most effective strategy for allowing us to continue successful in-person education this school year.  

Thank you all for your understanding and continued partnership, every day we have our students in our schools and in person is a good day!