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AP Testing - Sign up Now


AP Testing season is upon us!


Students, you must be logged in to your ISD 728 account and access this Registration Form in order to select the AP exams you will be taking.


Please be cautious and read through the registration form carefully. You only get one registration form per email address.  Therefore, you must sign up for ALL AP Exams you wish to take the one time you submit your form.  You may look at the form as many times as you want, but may only submit once. Registrations are due by 11:59 pm CST on Monday, March 11th.


Each exam costs $54. If you register for a test and later decide not to take it, you will still be charged the $54 exam fee AND an additional $15 fee for returned (unused) tests. There is also a late fee of $55 per exam assessed by the College Board if you decide later to take a test and miss the ordering deadline (this is added to the $54 exam fee).


You are also responsible for knowing all testing rules and guidelines that were given to you in the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents by your AP Teacher in January. A schedule of test dates is below. If you are taking a morning test, please arrive for check in at 7:30. Afternoon test arrival is 11:45.



Mon. May 6

Tues. May 7

Wed. May 8

Thurs. May 9

Fri. May 10


Us Gov’t & Politics


English Lit


US History


Studio Art








Mon. May 13

Tues. May 14

Wed. May 15

Thurs. May 16

Fri. May 17



Calc AB/BC

English Lang

World History

Human Geo



Art History


Human Geo



Computer Sci

If you have any questions, please see your AP instructor, or contact Ms. Telfer at or 763-241-3434 x2290.