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ISD 728 Continues High Performance in State Assessments

 Independent School District 728 (ISD 728) continues to demonstrate high levels of achievement on the state’s accountability assessments, which include the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments Version III (MCA), based on the results released by the  Minnesota Department of Education late last month.

A major change in the accountability system occurred two years ago with the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  In the past, students who did not take the exam were not included in proficiency calculations. Now, students who do not test are counted as “not proficient” which has lowered the accountability proficiency rate for districts across the state.

Even with this change, ISD 728 continued to outpace the state by a wide margin in both reading and math.  In addition, the district’s achievement level in math and reading placed it in the top spot compared to the ten largest school districts in the state.

The district’s proficiency rate of 70.34 percent in math topped the state average by more than 16 percent and was tops among the state’s large districts (in terms of student population).  In reading, ISD 728 placed first among the 10 largest school districts in the state with a 69.48 proficiency rate. This rate was more than 11 points higher than the state and represents an increase in proficiency for the fourth straight year.

Although science results are not included as part of the ESSA accountability system, ISD 728 demonstrated strong results in this area as well.  The district ranked second among the 10 largest districts in the state with a proficiency rate of just under 63 percent on the MCA, and it was more than 12 points ahead of the state average.

“It’s a credit to our staff and to the leaders of ISD 728,” said Dr. Jana Hennen-Burr, ISD 728 Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services. “Student success is the result of a lot of teamwork and belief in each and every student. Across the board, we can see the result of our teachers, our leadership and our efforts to create an atmosphere where everyone can learn, which is one of our core values.”

“We are thrilled with the efforts of our students, teachers and staff. The excellence they show each year is a testament to the teamwork between our schools and our community,” said Superintendent Dr. Dan Bittman. “We know the effort it takes to maintain this level of proficiency, and hope we can even continue to shine brighter in the future as one of the top large school districts in Minnesota.”


More Information

Families and parents, as well as community members can drill deeper into MCA test results on the Minnesota Department of Education’s website. Readers can find building-by-building results, as well as grade-by-grade breakdowns. There are also results sorted via ethnic groups as defined by the US Department of Education.