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Staff of the Year Honored by ISD 728, EREA

Each year, the ISD 728 Staff and Elk River Education Association team up to honor several “Staff of the Year” winners, as well as the Volunteer of the Year and, for the first time ever in 2022, the Substitute of the Year.

“It’s truly one of my favorite duties as Superintendent,” said Dr. Dan Bittman. “To recognize you among the more than 2,000 ISD 728 employees is special. And the fact that these nominees are put forth by their peers makes it even better.”

This year’s winners were:

ISD 728 Recognizes Staff of the Year Award Winners

Anna Hampton - Handke -  Early Childhood Educator of the Year

Melissa Bistodeau - Westwood - Staff Member of the Year

Tim Caskey - HR - Co-District Wide Staff of the Year

Pam Beckermann - Digital Learning - Co-District Wide Staff of the Year

Mary Bailey - PVEMS - Volunteer of the Year

Kelly Gorder - HES - Elementary Teacher of the Year

Sue Yankowiak - ISCHS - Co-Secondary Teacher of the Year

Monique Sabby - ERHS - Co-Secondary Teacher of the Year

Barb Guidarelli - PVEMS - Sub of the Year

“It’s always an honor to surprise these folks with this,” said Caskey, who won the award this year thanks to a nomination from his staff. “These last couple of years, especially, have required so much focus, time and effort from our staff and volunteers. They all make it a great place to work.”

Two retirees – Yankowiak and Bistodeau – were honored this year, a first in recent memory.

Congratulations to all who were nominated and to our 2022 winners. You make a difference!

Pictured Below are (in order): Melissa B., Monique S., Sue Y., Anna H., Tim C., Pam B., Grandma Mary, Barb G. and Kelli G.!