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Distance Learning Materials Pick up/Assignments Drop off

The front entry area of the school is set up so students can pick up class assignments and materials as well as drop off completed assignments and projects. Students/parents may stop by according to this weekly schedule starting Monday, November 16-January 28, 2021: Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri during regular school hours (7:30am-2:10pm) and each Wed from 11am-6pm.  Please note there will be no office staff in the building to buzz people in November 20-27 or December 24-Jan 1 (all who enter do so by using the well-marked intercom by the main entrance doors).

IMPORTANT: ALL (students/parents/guardians) must be wearing masks when entering the building. The entry is an "inside the building" area so masks are required for everyone.  Keeping people safe is of highest importance for families and employees alike!

Parents/guardians and students...for the safety of all, please make alternative arrangements for picking up student materials if you or anyone in your household is quarantined and/or has tested positive for COVID.  Use the email address provided in the information below to reach out; an alternative way will be figured out regarding materials. 

Here is how the front entry area is set up:

A DROP OFF bin for students to turn in items/assignments is located just inside the main entrance door where you enter when buzzed in...bin is on your right.  Students BE SURE ALL ITEMS HAVE YOUR FULL NAME AND TEACHER NAMES ON THEM!

Those who notify a day ahead can have materials ready when they arrive to pick them up. Email Lori Olson at and include: student first & last name, grade, class/teacher names for materials being picked up, and the desired pick up date. The items will then be gathered, labeled with the student name, and placed on a table located just inside the inner door on the opposite (east) end but accessible from the same entrance area as the DROP OFF. This approach is the most efficient for picking up items and will not require going any farther into the entry area.  Chromebook exchange will be done using this table as well: Set chromebook being returned on the table and exchange it for the replacement chromebook showing student name on top.

Set up in the inner entry area:

HS materials on tables against the east wall, mostly according to subject, and some miscellaneous items to be picked up.

MS materials on individual grade-level tables in the middle/center area, and some miscellaneous items to be picked up.

ALL students - area just beyond MS tables -> Media Center cart & book return bin, Distance Learning daily checklist forms, picture packages, HS yearbooks and certificates/awards from 2019-20 not yet picked up, 2020-21 Student of the Week certificates, other miscellaneous as needed.