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A New Beginning by Tony Walter

tony walters The New Year brings with it a natural opportunity to reflect upon the past and to prepare for the future. ISD 728 staff, administration and school board  members take this opportunity seriously and will be using its reflections and preparations to continue things that are working well, improve current practices, and to plan for even greater opportunities throughout the school district and community. While we currently provide a variety of educational experiences that begin at early childhood and continue beyond high school, we are always looking for ways to better provide for and support stakeholders.


As a parent of children that went through and graduated from the school district and as a Board member, I am proud of the district’s continued success, and am honored to serve and live in such a compassionate, progressive, and high-functioning organization.  Our successful partnerships, collaboration, and focus on our mission to educate, inspire, and empower make 728 a special. I am thankful for families who trust ISD 728 with their children, for volunteers who give so much of themselves, for business owners and community members who serve on committees or participate in community education classes, and for staff who create and provide environments for our students to flourish.


Despite the continued success and achievements however, these reflections suggest there is more that we can do. Some areas in need of increased attention include, but are not limited to ensuring adequate learning spaces, supporting an increased number of families living in poverty, meeting the needs of those struggling with mental health, providing adequate resources (i.e. curriculum) and training, managing class size, and successfully implementing technology.  These things will require continued dialogue, a willingness to lead courageously, and partnerships that priorize children throughout our schools and community.


Regardless of the successes or challenges, our school board, administrators, and staff remain commited and focused on what is best for our children, families and community. Your continued engagement and support will continue to help us do that.


Thank you for all you do and for an amazing 2017. I wish you all a wonderful year ahead.


Tony Walter

ISD 728 School Board Director