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March Student School Board Representative

From the Eyes of a Student by Ben Johnson


ben johnson From the eyes of an incoming freshman, high school can be a scary place filled with the unknown. I, like many others, was in this position coming into Rogers High School two and a half years ago. I quickly realized what appeared to be scary on the surface would turn into the most beneficial experience of my life. Being involved in various sports and extracurricular activities has given me positive experiences that I will utilize for the rest of my life.


One of the biggest things that has contributed to my experience at Rogers High School is my involvement in athletics. I have participated in football and hockey the last three years and I am going out for track for the first time this spring.  My opportunities and experiences in sports have taught me valuable life lessons which include overcoming adversity, how to work alongside people, and adapting to change. I have also learned the importance of being on time, being reliable, trustworthy and the importance of accountability. Athletics have provided more to my experience at Rogers High School than words can explain.


When I am not on the field, rink or track I spend my time enjoying involvement with various clubs at Rogers High School. I am currently the Vice President of DECA, a member of National Honor Society, and on the Executive Student Council. The combination of these three clubs have allowed me to feel like I play a positive role in the school. High school as I know it would not be the same if I was not able to surround myself with a variety of different people. Extracurricular activities have helped me build positive relationships that will last a lifetime.


Finally, my experience has been enhanced by the outstanding staff at Rogers High School. I truly believe that each teacher I have had fully cared about my success as well as the rest of my peers. This caring nature, in my opinion, is the most important quality a teacher must have. If staff members don’t care about the success of their students, everything else they do has no purpose. The staff at Rogers High School realistically has made the experience of going to high school what it is: an incredible opportunity to become involved. From coaches to teachers to advisors, each staff member has helped me experience that it truly is a great day to be a Royal.