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May Student School Board Representative: Lauren Rishovd

Rishovd As I look out into the crowded gymnasium, I am compelled by the sea of gray, white, red, and black that has taken over the room. Each class dressed up in their designated Elk River colors, the amount of school spirit has never been higher. Students shriek with excitement as their peers are chosen to represent their class in a dance battle or game of tug-of-war, each competition better than the last. Teachers prepare for the staff basketball game that so many of us look forward to. My last homecoming pepfest—where has the time gone?


It seems as if it was only yesterday I stepped foot inside Elk River High School for the first time. With my bright red lipstick and wedge shoes (which were much too high), I wobbled into the front entrance, ready to begin my life as a freshman. I had the same expectations as many others: meet new friends, attend every sporting event possible, and, yes, of course, get a boyfriend. It’s the important things, right?


Though these are very basic standards, my experience at ERHS has been anything but.


My time spent at Elk River High School has exposed me to new interests. This school has a wide variety of opportunities to offer its students. From athletic programs, to speech team, to technology programs, and mentorship organizations—Elk River provides activities for all interests. It allows everyone to feel as though they belong, giving each student room for growth and success.


As my senior year comes to an end, I am beginning to figure out who I am as a person, and that can be attributed to the time spent within the hallways of ERHS. It can be attributed to the countless nights spent awake, frantically writing an essay due the next day. It can be attributed to the staff members and their willingness to help, and to my friends for the memories that will last a lifetime.


Four years later, I am proud to say I met the expectations put in place by my 14-year-old self. More importantly, I am proud to say I am apart of Elk River High School.


Lauren Rishovd is a senior at Elk River High and a Student Representative to the ISD 728 School Board