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ISD 728 Honors 50 Retirees

From Terry Conwell, former head groundsperson, who retired at the end of the 2021 school year, to Sheila Enzenauer, who will retire at the end of June – 50 ISD 728 staff with more than 1,000 years of experience are sailing for new waters at the end of the 2022 school year.

“We are so grateful for their service, and for the difference they made in students’ lives during their service here,” said Dr. Dan Bittman.

This year’s retirees are (by name, position, school, and years of service):

Terry Conwell  Head Groundsperson DSC      18

Judith Canesi   Head Cook      SMS     32

Steven Chouinard       Custodian        TLES     31

Janet Vita        Special Education Assistant    PES      28

Kathryn Delgehausen Media Assistant          TLES     19

Mary Pfremmer          Special Education Assistant    TLES     26

Sabrina Robinson        Special Education Assistant    RHS     19

Christine Kruger          Media Assistant          OES      23

Sheri McGinty Adminstrative Assistant          HES      22

Gretchen Poppe          Evaluator         DW      28

Sara Hnath      Physical Therapist       HFC      24

Laura Powers  Senior Adminstrative Assistant          SMS     29

Kelly Stanton   Director of Teaching and Learning     DW      6

Kenneth Bade Custodian        PES      18

Nancy Nicholson         Assistant         ERHS    4

Suzette Vasseur          Special Education Assistant    RES      24

Kevin O'Connell          Driver's Education Instructor CE        6

Rocky Wright  Custodian        ZMHS  12

Paul Beckermann        Digital Learning Specialist       728 Online      7

Patricia Distel  Enrichment Generalist            CE        15

Marcia Welch  Principal          VMS    25

Kimberly Eisenschenk Executive Director of Business Services         DO       4

Jean Deziel      Special Education Assistant    RMS     22

Susan Yankowiak        Work Experience Coordinator/Work Based Learning            ISCHS/DW       18

Brian Menth    Manager of Purchasing/Inventory     DW      13

Judith Stewart Confidential Senior Representative    DSC      45

Jody L Martin  Occupational Therapist          HFC      24

Tamera Thoreson       Occupational Therapist          HFC      19

Sharon Hanevold         Speech Clinician          DW      18

Patricia Macomber     Special Education Assistant    LES       22

Patrick Kealy   Social Studies Teacher            ERHS    23

Nancy Bynum  Science Teacher          RHS     38

Molly Hines     Instructional Assistant            RHS     15

Susanne Redfield        Art Teacher     SMS     6

Lisa Obermoller          Adminstrative Assistant          ISCHS   25

Timothy Smith Band Teacher  ZMHS  32

Tony Larson    Physical Education Teacher    TLES     34

Mark Hathaway          Custodian        ISCHS   6

Katherine Solliday       English Teacher           ZMHS  27

Kelli Ellingson  Math Teacher ZMHS  33

Melissa Bistodeau       BVI Accessibility Assistant      DW      19

Kimberly Thiry Kindergarten Teacher LES       38

Sheree Thomas Psychologist  DW      35

Judith Green   Grade 1 Teacher         ZES      28

Daniel Kedrowski        Head Custodian          WES     34

Lorry Bauer     Instructional Assistant/Crossing Guard          ZES      19

Leah Bright      Special Education Assistant    ZES      16

Renee Nelson  Health Services Assistant        VMS    37

Lorraine Barnier          Special Education Assistant    TLES     29

Sheila Enzenauer        Speech Clinician          DW      34