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Superintendent Update: Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place 
Governor Walz has ordered that all Minnesotans shelter-in-place beginning at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 27, 2020 through April 10, 2020.  

This means he expects Minnesotans to stay in their homes, only leaving for food, medicine, outdoor exercise, and to fulfill other essential services.  

In addition, he has ordered distance learning to occur through at least April 30, 2020. The Governor has also ordered that all school staff report to work May 1, 2020 and May 4, 2020 to prepare for the return of students on May 5, 2020. 

If and when different guidance is provided by the Governor, we will communicate it to our families through our parent notification system and website.

The Governor has been clear that he considers educational services to be essential to keeping our communities strong. As a former teacher, he understands the important role that we play and continues to expect that schools will provide things such as distance learning, childcare services, building maintenance, and food service, while maintaining district operations related to such things as finance, human resources, technology etc.

We recognize the virus that causes Coronavirus Disease (“COVID-19”) is easily transmitted, especially in group settings, and it is essential that the spread of the virus be slowed to protect the ability of public and private health care providers to handle the influx of new patients and safeguard public health and safety.  

Because of the risk of the rapid spread of the virus, the need to protect all members of the District and Community is essential. As a result and in order to prevent over-inundating of our healthcare systems, ISD 728 will be requiring all employees to stay at home except for those completing essential work related to childcare, food service, and District Operations beginning March 30, 2020 and until further notice. 

Please continue to use the District website at for the most up to date information. Feel free to contact me. I will continue to be available and present.

Thank you for being part of ISD 728, we will walk this journey together and will be stronger than ever when it passes.

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Watch ISD 728 Superintendent Dan Bittman give an update on the Minnesota Shelter in Place order.