Elk River Dominates at Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards

Elk River High School’s art department is beaming after dozens of students earned Gold Key Awards (the top award), 3 Gold Key Portfolios and the state’s highest honor with TWO American Vision Nominees –which is handed out to just five works in the entire state at the Minnesota Scholastic Arts Awards show. 

Marianne Schoen and Kylie Urvig, for their pieces “Reflection” and “Lake Superior Stipple,” respectively, were recognized as American Visions Nominees. They’ll join hundreds of others of nominees from around the nation in that category at the National Scholastic Arts Show. 

“We’re incredibly honored to have two of these award winners at Elk River High School,” said Damien Husen, art instructor at ERHS.

You can see Marianne and Kylie’s works here: View and download photos here. Photos are titled with the students name, grade and title. Hitting the show info button will give the info as well.  The photos chosen represent the two American Vision Nominated works and a work to represent each Gold Key portfolio.

Here’s a complete list of the award winners.
Listed as: Name, Title, Award

  • Marianne Schoen, Reflection, American Visions Nominee
  • Kylie Urvig, Lake Superior Stipple, American Visions Nominee
  • Elijah Bicek, Dragonstone, Gold Key
  • Elijah Bicek, Saturn's Ring, Gold Key
  • Elijah Bicek, Black Sand, Gold Key
  • Elijah Bicek, Flash Flood, Gold Key
  • Elijah Bicek,Sensation (Portfolio), Gold Key
  • Elijah Bicek Crazed Beauty Gold Key
  • Madelyn Christian, Intertwined Dream, Gold Key
  • Madelyn Christian, Winter Blossom, Gold Key
  • Clarissa Hilary, Bloody Soap, Gold Key
  • Clarissa Hilary, Blue Oyster, Gold Key
  • Brady Holland, Curved, Gold Key
  • Kaytlin Nething, lost ,Gold Key
  • Jolea Osborne, Round Coy, Gold Key
  • Jolea Osborne, Scantily Wrapped, Gold Key
  • Jolea Osborne, Dysmorphic - Reality vs. Reflection, Gold Key
  • Jolea Osborne, Toward a Voice of My Own (Portfolio), Gold Key
  • Jolea Osborne, Why Makeup?, Gold Key
  • Ella Ovall, Consciousness, Gold Key
  • Ella Ovall, Summer, Gold Key
  • Ella Ovall, Gemma, Gold Key
  • Colton Pool, Sapphire Drip, Gold Key
  • Colton Pool, Blue Rose, Gold Key
  • Colton Pool, Metallic Void, Gold Key
  • Colton Pool, Rusted Vessel, Gold Key
  • Colton Pool, The Bottle as a Form (Portfolio), Gold Key
  • Marianne Schoen, Reflection, Gold Key
  • Kylie Urvig, Head in the Clouds, Gold Key
  • Kylie Urvig, Lake Superior Stipple, Gold Key
  • Colin Bedbury, Taped Raku Vase, Silver Key
  • Alejandro Rydberg, The Dance of the Sky, Silver Key
  • Alejandro Rydberg,Lakeshore, Silver Key
  • Molly Stroh, Ella's Emotion, Silver Key
  • Kylie Urvig, Dragon, Silver Key
  • Colin Bedbury, Textured Raku Bottle, Honorable Mention
  • Jack Gebhardt, Double Wall Bottle, Honorable Mention
  • Hannah Hawley, Goofball, Honorable Mention
  • Brady Holland, Desert Floor, Honorable Mention
  • Kaytlin Nething, tantamount (Portfolio), Honorable Mention
  • Kaytlin Nething, flùr, Honorable Mention
  • Kaytlin Nething, inter-generational, Honorable Mention
  • Aubrey Waldie, The Only Reminder, Honorable Mention
  • Aubrey Waldie, Going Extinct, Honorable Mention


Jolea Osborne
Jolea Osborne

Kylie Urvig
Kylie Urvig

Marianne Schoen
Marianne Schoen


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