Salk Holds Bullying Experiment – with Plants!

Check out this amazing experiment that proves the power of words from Salk Middle School and science teacher Erin Sindelir: 

You can SEE how words impact a living thing – just by using a potted lily. 

With a generous donation from a Salk parent, our after-school Science Club started a school-wide anti-bullying experiment. 

On Tuesday, January 28th we potted a Calla Lily plant into three different pots. We placed the plants in screened terrariums to prevent them from being touched by students and staff. 

In one terrarium we have a recorder setup that is continuously playing positive messages that were recorded by students. 

In the middle terrarium we have our control plant, so there is no recorder. The plant is just left to be. 

In the final terrarium the recorder is set up with continuous negative messages being said to the plant. In a little over a week the results are more visible than we ever expected! We are using this school-wide experiment to show students the power of our words.





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